Exhibition view: The 2015 CalArts Post Grad Show, Curated by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. Cooper Design Space, Los Angeles.

A Relative Exchange

Nancy and Brenna Ivanhoe

at The Situation Room, Los Angeles

Saturdays October 10, 17, 24 4-7pm

Nancy & Brenna Ivanhoe have been creating work through an exchange of ideas, materials, half-finished pieces, and fully finished works. They are not brought together based on similar themes, ideas or philosophies, but instead through their shared lives. As mother and daughter, certain things are already shared. But as some ideas might be overlapping, there are others that are contrasting, that are rebelling against a certain way of thought or being, a pure reaction to something. 

Nancy looks to subtleties in everyday light and shadows to form detailed depictions of shifting moments, representing an abstraction and representation of memory. She explores subtle changes in color and line weight, while utilizing both typical and industrial materials. Brenna incorporates paint, ceramics, and found materials as she strives for a ludic relationship between materials and thoughts. She uses color, play, and patterns to depict mythologies of pleasure and idealized selves. Now working together, both are absorbing and reacting to each other's ideas and decisions. Can this be an equal collaboration when groundwork has already been established years ago? 

Morphing to the middle ground, this work meets in a new liminal space, in which there is potential for multiple outcomes; each a different story from the same source.

This project will take on multiple installations using the same work. There will be three viewings in which the arrangements will pause for a temporary resolution:

First Arrangement
Saturday 10/10 4-7pm

Second Arrangement
Saturday 10/17 4-7pm

Third Arrangement
Saturday 10/24 4-7pm



Exhibition view: Her Hair Was Vertigo, Lime Gallery, CalArts, Valencia.

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